Job cards

The job card is a summarised report for the job that shows the original request with the most recent update and the current job time elapsed and expenses. Job cards apply only to open jobs. Once a job has been closed, no further work can be performed on that job, and no job card can be created. Job cards can be retrieved for a single job, or for all outstanding jobs.

Sample job card
Figure 1: Sample job card. Job is complete, but not yet closed.

Single job

You can retrieve the job card for a specific from the button. Enter a job number and click the button. You can also get the job card from the job detail view of the job. Click the button at the bottom of the page.

All open jobs

You can generate a job card report for all outstanding jobs by selecting the 'Outstanding job sheet (printable)' item in the technician's menu. This report is optimised for printing. A shortcut is to click the button and click the button without entering a job number. You must be logged in as a technician for this to work.

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